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Compliance and Ethics

At ADM, we believe in making a positive impact.

In February 2020, ADM was recognized by Ethisphere, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. This award demonstrates ADM’s commitment, across the whole organization, top to bottom and across all lines of businesses and regions, to doing business with integrity and abiding by strong ethical values.

At ADM, we act through a set of fundamental behaviors that set us apart from others. We are always advancing - learning, researching and developing, with a focus on solutions. We are bold, resourceful, and committed – taking on some of the world’s toughest challenges and applying our resources, expertise and work ethic to get things done. And our strong compliance and ethics program supports ADM in achieving the right results, the right way.

Our global compliance team is multi-lingual and culturally diverse with a variety of expertise and skills. We utilize a network of compliance ambassadors who ensure the effectiveness of our compliance programs at the local level.

We have a robust, global Anti-Corruption program that, together with our Code of Conduct, establishes high standards of honesty and integrity for all ADM colleagues and business partners. The Code and related compliance policies set forth specific principles and guidelines to help ensure that our company conducts business fairly and ethically at all times, everywhere we operate. The Code also offers guidance, supported by our global Conflict of Interest program, on the appropriate handling of situations in which personal and business interests may have potential conflicts. The company maintains the ADM Way Helpline as a resource to ask questions, seek guidance, or report suspected misconduct without fear of retaliation – anonymously if desired, where permitted by law.

Aligned with the Code of Conduct, the Supplier Expectations and the Standard Anti-Corruption Clauses in our contracts demonstrates that, ethics in business is also an expectation and requirement for ADM business partners. We reinforce our commitment for business partner compliance by hosting interactive Vendor Compliance Sessions and trainings.

For further information and resources on our compliance and ethics training and reporting programs, please read page 29 of our report.